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Foundry Artists Show (Art: MIke Bryce)Foundry Artists Show (Art: Deb Kracht)

The Foundry Artists Association was stablished in 1982 by a community of artists who opened their I-95 Foundry Building studios to the public during the holidays.

The Foundry Artists Show provides a unique opportunity to tap one of the area's greatest resources - its artists. By the time the Foundry Building was converted in 1995 to office space, its artists scattered to studios throughout the region, the Foundry Artists Show had become an established holiday tradition. Every year since, the Foundry Artists have reunited for the holidays, presenting their work for sale and gift giving. These artists, in turn, support their community by donating work for the charity silent auction to benefit a local organization or cause. In recent years, the Foundry Artists' annual shows have supported the renovation of the space in which its sale has been held so successfully. The 1894 castle-like Pawtucket Armory, in its conversion from empty hall abandoned by the National Guard in 1994, to becoming a permanent cultural and educational landmark center for the arts.

For over thirty five years, this popular New England holiday tradition has offered the opportunity to both view and purchase work by 60+ top regional artists. With a juried selection of artists, caliber of work is high. Categories of fine art and craft range from art glass to wood, and include painting, sculpture, metal, fiber, mixed media, jewelry, ceramics, photography, millinery, artisan beauty products, handmade books, and furniture.


President: Doug Hockman
Secretary: Donna Andrews-Maness
Treasurer: Martin Bierer 
Membership: Hilal Minda
Marketing: Amy Keller
Store: Stephanie Mason
Show Operations: Greg Strange
Foundry Artists Show (Art: Sheilagh Flynn)Foundry Artists Show (Art: Maya Cordeiro)
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